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  • Lakshmi Ji Murti
  • Material: Brass
  • Suitable For: Table
  • Dimensions: 11.4 cm x 20.3 cm x 20.2 cm
  • Weight: 2.6 kg

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Brass Lakshmi Ji Murti Idol: A Divine Addition to Your Home

Indian sculpture is an advanced form of craftsmanship, not bound to any one medium. This brass picture has an exceptionally stylish quality, a testament to this item’s craftsmanship. She is profoundly lauded as a goddess for her magnificence and commitment to Lord Vishnu. In each manifestation of Vishnu, she has been his partner. Lotus is related to Lakshmi Ji Murti in her asana and qualities. Lotus is a hallowed bloom that addresses water as well as self-creation. Here, the goddess of magnificence and success sits on an altered lotus. Albeit seldom addressed without Vishnu, she sits alone here, exuding appeal and otherworldliness.

Portraying her as a lovely divinity, her face resembles the sparkle of the rising sun. The feature here is the goddess’ delightful nose ring. She additionally wears an intricate crown (makuta) and adornments befitting the spouse of the sustainer of the universe. She raises her right hand in a gesture of courage (abhaya mudra) and extends her lower left hand in a gesture of shelter (varada mudra), showering brilliant coins to aid her admirers.

Lakshmi Ji Murti Idol, made by ShubhBrass: A Beautiful Emblem of Prosperity

In a country saturated with rich social customs and strict practices, Goddess Laxmi, revered as the goddess of wealth, prosperity, and fortune, possibly receives one of the highest levels of adoration among the gods in Hinduism. The brass Lakshmi Ji Murti Statue Idol made by ShubhBrass is a staggering portrayal of this worshipped god, displaying her heavenly magnificence and beauty.

ShubhBrass is a famous brand that has practical experience in creating perplexing and definite brass idols. The Square Base Laxmi Statue Idol is quite possibly their most flawless creation. Top-notch brass, known for its strength and protection from erosion, is utilized in making the statue. The statue remains at a height of 8 inches and weighs roughly 2.6 kilograms. It is an ideal portrayal of the excellence and effortlessness of Goddess Laxmi.

The Significance of Laxmi Brass Idol

The statue includes a square base. In her upper left hand, Laxmi holds the lotus flower, symbolizing purity and illumination. In her upper right hand, she holds a vessel filled with coins, symbolizing riches and prosperity. The conch shell, representing the primal sound of creation, is held in her lower left hand. In her lower right hand, she holds a mace, symbolizing strength and power.

The complicated enumeration and craftsmanship of the statue are exceptional. Each part of the statue, from the facial highlights of the goddess to the complicated plans for her attire, has been meticulously created. The statue has been given a lovely rarity finish, which adds to its appeal and tastefulness.

The brass Square Base Laxmi Statue Idol isn’t simply a lovely piece of workmanship but additionally an image of heavenliness and otherworldliness. The statue, frequently worshipped by Hindus during various religious ceremonies and celebrations, is accepted to bring the best of luck and success when placed in one’s home or work environment.

Maintenance and Care of Brass Lakshmi Ji Murti Idol

Like some other brass things, brass Lakshmi Ji Murti idols require appropriate support and mind to hold their sparkle and excellence. The following are a couple of tips to remember:

  • Use a soft cloth to clean the idol regularly.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners.
  • Keep the idol away from direct sunlight or moisture.
  • Apply a thin coat of oil or varnish occasionally to maintain the shine.


The brass Lakshmi Ji Murti Statue Idol made by ShubhBrass is a genuine work of art in craftsmanship. It is a delightful portrayal of the heavenly excellence and effortlessness of Goddess Laxmi. The statue’s unpredictable enumeration, lovely old-fashioned finish, and imagery make it an ideal addition to any home or work environment. It is an image of heavenly nature, otherworldliness, and thriving, and it makes certain to give pleasure and bliss to any individual who looks at it. This statue is a genuine insignia of success and an unquestionable requirement for any individual who looks for the gifts of Goddess Laxmi.

Product Details

  • Material: Brass
  • Suitable For: Table
  • Dimensions: 11.4 cm x 20.3 cm x 20.2 cm
  • Weight: 2.6 kg

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Weight 2.680 kg
Dimensions 14 × 11.4 × 20.3 cm


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