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  • Type: Lord Krishna Murti
  • Material: Brass
  • Suitable For: Table
  • Dimensions: 8.8 H x 10.16 L x 8.8 W cm
  • Weight: 540 gm
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Exquisite Lord Krishna Murti: Discover Divine Beauty at ShubhBrass

As a devout Hindu, I have always been fascinated by the divine beauty of Lord Krishna. His enchanting smile, graceful posture, and mesmerizing flute playing have captured the hearts of millions of devotees around the world. The Krishna Murti, or idol, is not just a religious artifact but a symbol of love, devotion, and spirituality. In this article, I will take you on a journey to explore the significance of Lord Krishna in Hinduism and the exquisite Lord Krishna Murti available at ShubhBrass.

Significance of Lord Krishna in Hinduism: Understanding the Divine Essence

Lord Krishna is one of the most beloved and revered deities in Hinduism. He is considered the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the universe. Lord Krishna is known for his divine plays, teachings, and his role as the charioteer of Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita. He represents love, compassion, and righteousness. Devotees believe that by worshipping Lord Krishna, they can attain spiritual enlightenment and liberation from the cycle of birth and death.

Exploring the Divine Beauty of Lord Krishna Murti 

The Lord Krishna Murti is a manifestation of the divine beauty of Lord Krishna. It is crafted with utmost precision and attention to detail to capture the essence of the deity. The murti depicts Lord Krishna in various poses, such as standing, dancing, or playing the flute. Each pose symbolizes a different aspect of his personality and divine attributes. The intricate carvings and delicate craftsmanship of the murti bring out the divine aura and transcendental beauty of Lord Krishna.

Skilled artisans handcraft a wide range of Lord Krishna Murtis at ShubhBrass. These artisans use high-quality brass to ensure durability and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the idol. The murtis adorn vibrant colors, intricate engravings, and embellishments, making them truly exquisite. Whether you are a devotee seeking a murti for personal worship or a collector looking for a unique piece of art, ShubhBrass offers a diverse collection to suit your preferences.

Why choose ShubhBrass for buying Krishna Murti?

ShubhBrass is a trusted online store that specializes in Hindu religious artifacts, including Lord Krishna Murtis.Here are a few reasons why you should choose ShubhBrass for buying Lord Krishna Murti online:

1.ShubhBrass artisans craft all their murtis with authenticity and reverence, employing years of experience in sculpting Hindu deities.
2. ShubhBrass commits to delivering the highest quality products to its customers. We craft the murtis from premium brass, renowned for its durability and lustrous finish. The intricate details and fine craftsmanship of the murtis reflect the commitment to quality.
3. Variety ShubhBrass offers a wide range of Lord Krishna Murtis to suit every taste and budget. Whether you prefer a small murti for your home altar or a larger murti for a temple, you can find the perfect one at ShubhBrass. They also offer murtis in different poses and sizes, allowing you to choose the one that resonates with you the most.
4. Secure Online Shopping: ShubhBrass provides a safe and secure online shopping experience. They use secure payment gateways to ensure that your personal and financial information is protected. They also offer hassle-free returns and exchanges, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Different Types and Sizes of  Krishna Murti are available at ShubhBrass

ShubhBrass offers a diverse collection of Lord Krishna Murtis, each capturing a unique aspect of the deity. Here are some of the different types and sizes of Lord Krishna Murtis available at ShubhBrass:

1. Standing Murtis: These murtis depict Lord Krishna in a standing posture, radiating divine grace and charm. They are available in various sizes, ranging from a few inches to several feet tall.
2.The dancing pose: The Lord Krishna, known as the “Natavar” or “Nritya Krishna,” depicts him actively engaged in dance.” These murtis capture the dynamic and energetic nature of Lord Krishna’s dance. They are perfect for those who want to add a touch of vibrancy to their spiritual space.
3. Lord Krishna’s melodious flute: The playing attracts not only humans but also animals and nature itself. The flute-playing murtis beautifully showcase Lord Krishna’s musical talent and his ability to captivate hearts with his divine tunes.
4. Child Krishna Murtis: Lord Krishna’s childhood exploits are legendary, and his innocent and playful nature is beautifully depicted in child Krishna murtis. These murtis evoke a sense of joy and innocence and are perfect for those who want to experience the childlike devotion of Lord Krishna.

Materials Used in Crafting Krishna Murti

The Lord Krishna Murtis at ShubhBrass are meticulously crafted using high-quality brass. Brass is a popular choice for crafting murtis due to its durability, ease of shaping, and resistance to corrosion. The artisans at ShubhBrass use traditional techniques to sculpt the murtis, paying careful attention to every detail, from the facial expressions to the intricate ornaments. The murtis are then polished to perfection, giving them a radiant golden hue that adds to their aesthetic appeal.

How to Order Krishna Murti Online from ShubhBrass

Ordering a Lord Krishna Murti from ShubhBrass is a simple and convenient process. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Visit the Website: Go to the ShubhBrass website and browse through their collection of Lord Krishna Murtis. You can filter the murtis based on the pose, size, and material to find the one that suits your preferences.
2. Select the Murti: Once you have found the perfect Lord Krishna Murti, click on it to view more details, including the size, weight, and price. Take your time to read the product description and zoom in on the images to get a closer look at the murti.
3. Add to Cart: If you are satisfied with your choice, click on the “Add to Cart” button. You can continue shopping or proceed to the checkout if you have completed your selection.
4. Checkout: Review your order in the shopping cart and make any necessary changes. Provide your shipping address and select your preferred payment method. ShubhBrass accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, and online payment platforms.
5. Place Order: Once you have reviewed all the details, click on the “Place Order” button to confirm your purchase. You will receive an order confirmation email with the details of your purchase.
6. Delivery: ShubhBrass will carefully package your Lord Krishna Murti and ship it to your doorstep. You can track your order using the tracking number provided in the shipping confirmation email.


The Lord Krishna Murti is not just a religious artifact but a source of inspiration, devotion, and spiritual upliftment. By bringing a Lord Krishna  into your home or temple, you can create a sacred space that radiates positive energy and invites the divine presence of Lord Krishna. ShubhBrass crafts a wide selection of exquisite Krishna Murtis with utmost care and devotion. Their commitment to authenticity, quality, and customer satisfaction makes them the ideal choice for buying Lord Krishna  online. So, explore the divine beauty of Lord Krishna Murtis at ShubhBrass and experience the blissful presence of Lord Krishna in your life.

 Visit ShubhBrass today and choose your perfect  Krishna Murti to elevate your spiritual space.

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